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  Capture and concentrate (ambient) CO2 at low prices for direct use and production of fuels and chemicals, using solar or wind energy.


ANTECY is an innovative start-up working on exciting new and innovative technology for production of methanol. Founded in 2010 ANTECY with entrepreneurial spirit recognized the dropping energy prices and the improving  efficiencies of PV, while demand for transportation fuel is rising. These developments and the global need for improved forms of sustainable energy inspired Antecy to the development of new efficient and sustainable technologies, such as CAIR™ and ETL.

Problem to solve

Firstly, increasing greenhouse gas emissions are causing our climate to change. Secondly, there is a need for a truly sustainable fuels and chemicals source. ANTECY is turning the negative of CO2 (greenhouse effects, environmental costs) into a positive, whereby CO2 becomes the ideal renewable resource for our Carbon Economy (Fuels, Chemicals and other materials).

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The technology as developed by ANTECY can concentrate CO2 out of any source (even air) and produce fuels such as methanol and chemicals such as formic acid, which can be used in current industries and infrastructure. The produced fuels can also be used for seasonal energy storage. The chemicals produced using ambient CO2 and Hydrogen powered by PV are cost competitive.


Production of methanol by ANTECY consists of three modular steps. While using solar energy:

  • Step 1: capturing and concentration of CO2 from either air or flue gas;
  • Step 2: electrolysis of water;
  • Step 3: a thermochemical process where these building blocks are combined into methanol. In this Energy to Liquid (ETL) process, carbon capturing step determines the economical attractiveness.

ANTECY has developed a solid sorbent which enables efficient capturing and concentration process while operating at temperatures of only 80o C. This allows the Carbon from AIR (CAIR™) process to be efficiently integrated in a sustainable manner with great many (petro)chemical processes.

Adsorption desorption v2The key to low cost fuels and chemicals is efficient conversion of energy into more valuable products. In the case of ANTECY, this is achieved by efficient CO2 concentration. As CO2 capture is a temperature swing process, it is important that the CO2 is desorbed using low value heat. And that is exactly what ANTECY’s technology does. Desorbtion below 80oC, makes this technology very energy efficient.


There are several applications for CO2 produced by ANTECY’s technology. They differ by CO2 purity and volume requirements. ANTECY’s CO2 technology can be used to provide CO2 at concentrations 1-10% for greenhouses and algae ponds but also 99,5% pure CO2 for the (petro-)chemicals market for production of fuels, polyols and surfactants. The technology has already been proven at lab scale and a first pilot test for the application in horticulture (greenhouses) is running.


The markets that ANTECY can address differ from each other significantly. Horticulture is the smallest market estimated by Parsons Brinckerhoff  at 5 Mton of CO2 annually, while algae market is estimated at 300 Mton of CO2 per annum. The largest market is the fuel market is estimated >500M ton CO2 per year by DNV-GL. Even at low CO2 prices of 40$/ton these markets are tremendous.

The expectations are that future demand will only grow as sustainable sources become more developed and economically attractive.

Business Model

Revenue will be generated by licensing. First markets to enter will be horti- and aquaculture (because of the lower technology complexity requirements). ANTECY already has launching costumers and for horticulture a partner to sell and install installations. Next market will be the chemicals market, where relatively low volumes of CO2 are required.


Extensive market research indicates that there are only a few companies working on solar fuels production but they are using different CO2 capture technologies. The commonly used CO2 capturing technologies use (liquid or grafted) amines. Compared to solid salts which ANTECY is using, amines are more costly, less stable, toxic and corrosive. In addition energy and oil prices are also of influence on the economic feasibility. It is our expectation that (PV) energy prices will continue to drop while the shift from fossil to renewable energy continues.

Intangible Property Portfolio

The conversion process and its merits are protected by substantial patent portfolio with great regional coverage as well. Remarkable is the fact that ANTECY owns granted patents as well, which is rather rare for a start-up.

This acknowledges the uniqueness but also the industrial applicability of the process. For a list of the patents click here.

The Project

In 2015 ANTECY performed a study in cooperation with Royal Dutch Shell (“Shell”), where ANTECY’s ETL has been extensively examined at different scales. The positive results of this design study resulted in further involvement in ETL and more specifically in CAIR™.

ANTECY now has designed a 2 year development trajectory  for the CAIR™ technology with looking forward to an installation that will deliver CO2 at low prices and can be utilized in any process necessitating CO2.

In the coming few months ANTECY is closing a EUR 3 M€ financing round for this next stage of development. These funds are required in relation to the budget for the 2 year development of CAIR technology  for production of pure CO2 which can be used for production of solar fuels but also for production of other chemicals.

Resulting from the previous design study, a to be determined company committed to a contribution of 1 M€.  In addition, another Dutch regional institute expressed their willingness in a participation as well.

This offers an opportunity for you to acquire a stake in new technology  with possible returns within 2 years. For the purpose of the execution of the development a new venture will be incorporated. This financing round therefore aims at raising another 1.5 M€.

The Investment Opportunity

The 2 year development program will be performed by a newly incorporated subsidiary of ANTECY (a BV or a limited liability company).

The total contribution of above mentioned determined company together with the Dutch regional institute and ANTECY in this new venture would be 70%, which leaves 30% of equity available for participation at the afore mentioned price of 1.5 M€.

For more detailed information:
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