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Making solar fuels would be one of the miracles to halt climate change. It would solve the energy storage problem for when the sun isn’t shining. And it would provide an easy-to-use power source for our existing transportation infrastructure.

CO2 From Air

As Building Block

Capturing and concentrating (ambient) CO2 at low prices using solar or wind energy, for direct use and/or production of food, fuels and chemicals.

With the help of an inorganic, non-amine sorbent, ANTECY turns the negative of CO2 (greenhouse effects, environmental costs) into a positive, whereby CO2 becomes the ideal renewable resource for our Carbon Economy (fuels, chemicals and other materials).


CO2 Where It Matters

CO2 Materialized To Value

Climate Change

To prevent the worst irreversible effects of climate change, such as extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and food shortages, we must undergo drastic changes to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. This means a greater reliance on techniques that remove CO2 from the air (IPCC).

Direct Air Capture

Direct Air Capture (DAC) will reduce the global atmospheric CO2 concentration if combined with long term storage and usage. When air flows trough a direct air capture system, the CO2 is selectively removed. The captured CO2 will be released as a concentrated stream for storage and use.

Energy Economy

CO2 is used in horticulture, food & beverages, industrial and pharmaceutical industries. CO2 combined with hydrogen can be converted into chemicals and fuels (gasoline, diesel, methane, jet fuel etc.) within a closed carbon-loop (CO2-to-Fuel: Fuel-to-CO2). Such fuels can be used for renewable energy storage.


Direct Use & Conversion

Renewable Energy Storage

CO2 As Hydrogen Carrier

ANTECY’s key enabling technology to harvest and recycle CO2 and H2O from air allows a novel way to kill two birds with one stone: capturing carbon-dioxide pollution to use in an energy-storage system that can back up renewable energy sources like solar and wind, which is used in a closed carbon cycle (CO2 to chemically stored energy; chemically stored energy to CO2).

Controlled Environment Agriculture

CO2 Fertilisation

ANTECY’s DAC technology can provide both sustainable and secure CO2 for fertilization and H2O for irrigation both captured from air, while avoiding fossil combustion for CO2 production and distribution/transportation emmissions.
ANTECY is cooperating with Wageningen University & Research (WUR), widely regarded as the world’s top agricultural research institution.

Renewable Fuels

Gasoline | Diesel | DME | Methanol | Aviation Fuel

ANTECY’s key enabling technology to harvest and recycle CO2 and H2O from air can be used to produce renewable liquid fuels like gasoline, diesel, DME, methanol, aviation fuel or any hydrocarbon suited for conventional combustion engines and fuel cells. These renewable fuels are a synthetic replacement for fuels made from crude oil and are used in a closed carbon cycle (CO2 to fuel; fuel to CO2).


Methanol And Its Derivatives

CO2 can be used as a raw material for a range of chemical processes, including, but certainly not limited to Carboxylates & lactones, Carbamates, Urea, isocyanates, Inorganic & organic carbonates and Biodegradable polymers.

For the successful implementation of CO2 based chemistry, a stable and reliable source of affordable and renewable CO2 is vital. The technology under development at ANTECY may be instrumental in turning CO2 from a threat to our current way of life, to the renewable resource of our future.


CO2 From Air/Point Source

Our Technology


Ambient air passes through a reactor with an inorganic adsorber – Potassium Carbonate on activated Carbon – which selectively binds CO2 and H2O from the air stream with high mass-transfer. Raising the temperature over 80°C in combination with controlled humidity reverses the capture reaction, releasing CO2 and H2O and allowing the adsorbent to be reused immediately after cooling down to ambient temperature.
Based on the high adsorption capacity and selectivity of the adsorbent, CO2 product purity is greater than 99.5% after CO2 compression and dehydration. The highly selective adsorption of CO2 and its robustness against degradation and non-reactiveness with other molecules from ambient air is an important advantage of a non-amine catalytic process and distinguishes this process from the results obtained from amine-based physical solvents, membranes, or adsorbents.


CO2 Pilot Plant

Excessive and increasing use of fossil fuels has resulted in great emissions of carbon dioxide. Global, but also in local communities, there is a recognised need for technologies that can remove CO2 from different gas streams and concentrate for further utilization. The need for economic and robust Carbon Capture and Utilization processes is also indicated by the European Commission. This problem is being addressed by our CAIR-project. CAIR, consisting of a consortium of various partners from the province of Gelderland (the Netherlands, develops and demonstrates a new technology for the capture of CO2 from atmospheric air and flue gases.




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