ANTECY’s core team consists of an experienced and visionary team, devoted to creating novel technologies. ANTECY has, besides this core team, an international network of specialists in various technology fields, varying from the petrochemical industry and fundamental materials research to business development. This professional and versatile team makes ANTECY able to tackle all the common relevant technology issues adequately.

ANTECY’s core team:


Paul is an expert in heavy oil conversion processes and refining catalysts. After being active for several years at companies as Shell, Akzo Nobel and after the acquisition by Albemarle, he formed BIOeCON, a company focused on the economical conversion of biomass to renewable fuels. A year later BIOeCON and Khosla Ventures founded KiOR to develop and commercialize the Fluidized Biomass Fluid Catalytic Cracking (BFCC) process to produce renewable oil products. KiOR presently constructing his first commercial BFCC plant in Columbus, Mississippi.

In 2010 BIOeCON and PETROBRAS announced a partnership to develop the BiCHEM technology, a conversion technology of agricultural wastes into high value chemicals. This technology is now being scaled-up by an international R&D team at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

Next to BIOeCON, Paul is co-founder of Antecy, this company has the mission to create the technology to convert solar and CO2 from the atmosphere directly into liquid fuels and/or chemicals.


Sasa studied law at the University of Maastricht. In 2006, he joined BIOeCON as a legal and IP advisor. From that moment he was highly involved in technology development as necessary for IP activities and he had the opportunity to learn a great deal about several chemical processes in great detail. As a non-technical member of the board, he was able to contribute by keeping the focus on the main technology goals. During this job, Sasa also followed courses at the London Business School to develop his managerial skills as well. In the role of legal advisor he was involved in the incorporation of the joint venture named KiOR in 2007, a company which was engaged in the production of biofuels. A few years later he was involved at the forming of the partnership between BIOeCON and Petroleum Brasileiro on the subject of renewable chemicals. On this subject he’s still active in the field of IP activities.

Together with Paul O’Connor he founded Antecy in 2010, a start-up that is working on the conversion of solar energy and CO2 from the atmosphere into liquid fuels.

van Putten

After his agricultural environmental study in Zwolle, Gerrit has worked several years as an engineer in the installation sector. In 2010, he graduated for the Post HBO study Renewable Energy and started working voor Antecy on the first of January 2011. Various tasks are assigned to him such as the Intellectual Property administration, website maintenance, project procurement, patent- and literature research, the performing of small test activities and many other. Thanks to his pragmatic and supporting approach he has become a reliable member of the team.


Sjoerd worked previously for 20 years as a researcher at Akzo Nobel Chemicals with as specialty the research and development of zeolite modification, FCC compounding, crystallization of alumina and hydrotalcite, and the development of commercial additive (resolve) routes based on hydrotalcite technology. Later as research consultant for BIOeCON where he was the intermediary between BIOeCON and UPV-ITQ (University of Valencia) and currently as a consultant at Antecy, where he’s exploring which route to take for the storage of renewable energy and CO2 conversion processes.

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