Vision & Mission



Our goal is to develop and commercialize innovative technology which will facilitate the transition of the economy of our home, the earth, into a sustainable economy, using as building blocks for our food, energy and other materials, abundantly available and renewable Carbon and Hydrogen from the air.


  • To harvest CO2 and water from the open air in a cost effective way.
  • To convert water with renewable energy into hydrogen and use the hydrogen to convert CO2 into liquid fuels and or chemicals.
  • To commercialize the above technologies.

What drives ANTECY: SOLAR ENERGY!values
Solar Energy is abundant and the technology for capturing solar energy is maturing and becoming cheaper.

The critical issue is now becoming the storage and transportation of solar energy and thereby to balance the supply and demand for energy in the world.

What if?
What if we could convert solar energy into liquid fuels like alcohols, gasoline or even diesel, just like nature does when it converts solar energy into biomass?
And what if we use CO2 from the atmosphere to produce these fuels?

The “what if?” is the mission of ANTECY:
To exploit the abundance of solar energy and the reduced cost of capturing this green energy by converting this energy cost-effectively into liquid fuels.
To capture and use CO2 from the atmosphere as the main Carbon source to produce these fuels.

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