CO2_to_fuels_picture There are several applications for CO2 produced by ANTECY’s technology. They differ by CO2 purity and volume requirements. ANTECY’s CO2 technology can be used to provide CO2 at concentrations 1-10% for greenhouses and algae ponds but also 99,5% pure CO2 for the (petro-) chemicals market for production of fuels, polyols and surfactants.

The markets that ANTECY can address differ form each other significantly. Horticulture is the smallest market estimated by Parsons Brinckerhoff at 5 Mton of CO2 annually, while algae market is estimated at 300 Mton of CO2 per annum. The largest market is the fuel market is estimated >500M ton CO2 per year by DNV-GL. Even at low CO2 prices of 40$/ton these markets are tremendous in size. The expectations are that future demand will only grow as sustainable sources become more developed and economically attractive.

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