Over the last years, ANTECY has developed a technology for the enhancement of algae production. Algae, like terrestrial biomass, require CO2 for photosynthesis. Supplying extra CO2 during the growth of algae greatly improves growth rate and productivity. However, supplying CO­2 in higher concentrations than present in air in algae makes cultivation generally expensive. For this reason, in many cases, algae producers choose to aerate the algae cultivation tanks with air.

Having a system that could obtain CO2 from air and/or flue gas, and supply this to the algae cultivation medium for an affordable price is greatly beneficial for the economics of the algae cultivation industry. For this reason ANTECY has developed a tailor made system for CO2 sequestration for algae cultivation. In this system CO2 can be captured from air, as well as from the off gas from the algae cultivation media, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

The ANTECY technology has been tested in representative environments, under all circumstances that could realistically be encountered with algae cultivation (temperature, humidity, cycle length). Currently, ANTECY is seeking funding to pilot the technology and subsequently bring it to the market.

Photobioreactor PBR 500 P

Photobioreactor PBR 500 P

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