Solar fuels




ANTECY has developed technology to “harvest” Carbon and Hydrogen, making use of renewable energy from the open clean air or flue gas in a cost effective way, enabling their use as building blocks for a sustainable global economy.

The technology we are developing converts solar energy and CO2 into a liquid fuel that can be stored, transported and or further converted into gasoline or converted back to electrical power.

Energy generated by solar panels is simultaneously used to propel the process of conversion as well as capturing of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) into methanol (CH3OH).

This process takes place in several stages whereby:

  • CO2 is captured from ambient air using the patented CAIR technology. Water can be condensed out of air at this stage as well;
  • Hydrogen is produced;
  • CO2 and H2 are synthesized in green fuels and green chemicals.

ANTECY has already applied for several patents. The initial research is being done at University of Twente in The Netherlands and the University of Valencia in Spain. While University of Twente focuses on the CO2 capture and concentration system, methanol synthesis and electricity storage, the University of Valencia is researching the photocatalytic conversion of CO2 into liquid fuels.

ANTECY’s goal is to develop a robust and reliable technology for the conversion and storage of solar energy on the small scale meant for self-supporting households, as well on the larger scale for production of green fuels and green specialty chemicals.

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