The problem is twofold. Firstly, increasing greenhouse gas emissions are causing our climate to change. Secondly, there is a need for a truly sustainable fuels and chemicals source. ANTECY is turning the negative of CO2 (greenhouse effects, environmental costs) into a positive, whereby CO2 becomes the ideal renewable resource for our Carbon Economy (fuels, chemicals and other materials).

Solution + Product

The technology as developed by ANTECY can concentrate CO2 out of any source (even air) and produce fuels such as methanol and chemicals such as formic acid, which can be used in current industries and infrastructure. The produced fuels can also be used for seasonal energy storage. The chemicals produced using ambient CO2 and Hydrogen powered by PV are cost competitive.

ANTECY has developed a technology to store sustainable energy by the formation of liquid fuels from CO2. Their breakthrough proprietary technology makes the application of non-fossil CO2 for the production of alternative fuels and other green chemical processes possible for a competitive price.

The key to low cost fuels and chemicals is efficient conversion of energy into more valuable products. In the case of ANTECY, this is achieved by efficient CO2 concentration. As CO2 capture is a temperature swing process, it is important that the CO2 is desorbed using low value heat. And that is exactly what ANTECY’s tech does.
Desorption below 80 degrees Celsius, makes this technology very energy efficient.

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