Carbon dioxide is in fact a very valuable starting material for renewable fuels and plastics. It is also plentiful; in fact, the world has more of it than needs. The problem is that, at less than 400 ppm (parts per million) in the air around us, it is difficult to harvest on a commercial base. Flue gases have much higher carbon dioxide concentrations, but flue gases are hot, and contain other gases that are toxic, corrosive, etc., making flue gases difficult and expensive to work with. Adsorption desorption v2Antecy has solved this dilemma by developing a process for harvesting carbon dioxide from the air around us, so that it becomes available in concentrated form for conversion to liquid fuel and other useful materials. The energy requirements for Antecy’s process are very modest, and can be with solar or wind energy, if desired. When operated in this manner the process actually has a negative carbon footprint, because it uses non-carbon energy to remove carbon dioxide from the air.


CAIR TechnologyTechAssesment

As a part of the research program, ANTECY has developed a process for concentrating carbon dioxide from ambient air. Concentrating of CO2 is from major importance for the production of solar fuels. The energy cost of CO2 concentration have direct influence on the price of the end product.

With the University of Twente, Antecy has developed a system for efficient concentration (adsorption and desorption) of CO2. We will continue on improvement of the overall CO2 system for even better efficiencies, consisting of less energy input and more CO2 output. When compared to other CO2 capturing technologies there are obvious benefits in CAIR technology. More detailed information available on request.



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