ANTECY is a new-generation company working on the development of new and revolutionary technologies for conversion and storage of solar energy into green fuels and green chemicals. Since 2011, ANTECY has been working on a technology to efficiently extract CO2 from air with methanol as product and clean water as main by-product. We are addressing issue of energy storage and shortage of clean water. This breakthrough proprietary technology makes the application of non-fossil CO2 for the production of alternative fuels and other green chemical processes possible for a competitive price.



The earth’s biggest energy source is the sun. Every half an hour the sun provides the Earth with enough solar energy to supply the world population for an entire year. Would it not be ideal if we, just as plants, use the energy of the sun and convert it into a fuel without cluttering the environment and polluting the planet.

World's use and dependence on fossil fuels is increasing, but also the awareness for sustainable alternatives. The sequestration and utilization of CO2, be it from concentrated sources or from the atmosphere, is recognized as potentially being one of the key pieces of the sustainable alternatives puzzle. Being able to use CO2 that has been emitted, previously opens the door to a range of green materials and production processes as well as energy storage options.


ANTECY developed the CAIR technology (Carbon from AIR) which can be used for a range of applications. The CO2 captured can be used as an alternative for fossil CO2 in industries such as agriculture (CO2 dosing in greenhouses) or used as a raw material for a range of conversion processes to green fuels or chemicals.